The Age Of Passions

As we all get older, thankfully, as the alternative would definitely be less desirable, we realize, that we have to live and play the way we want and with whom we want, the sooner the better.

The Age Of Passions is a combination of four people who believe that we can find the most passionate and most subtle expressions of everything that constantly happens to us through the music we make.

The repertoire we use to be put into sound consists of the wisdom of how to transfer affetti and emotional contents among each other and for the audience: Guillemain, Telemann, Bach, Blavet and everything else that falls into our hands.


Los Otros

Los Otros is a latent project whose unanimous leaders are Lee Santana and Steve Player and Hille Perl. We hope in the end to invite other potential leaders, like possibly Pedro Estevan, more guitar heroes, maybe a singer occasionally if we can stand it and so on.

The project’s goal (besides getting rich) is to keep working on the connection between music and dance, to experiment more in the field of Spanish and Italienate improvisation and do it in a scientific and lust-oriented manner. It is an attempt to bring together the aspects of rhythm&dance (Steve), knowledge&technique (Lee) and bowed sounds (Hille) and get as many concerts in a row as possible.

It’s called Los Otros, because that’s what we are called, when we are on tour with people that are more famous than we are, on posters it usually says, Big Name, Big Name and others, which is us.

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Los Otros Marañones de Aguirre