concert review: opening concert at Schloss Lenzburg, Switzerland

From Zart krachender Zauber zur Lenzburgiade-Eröffnung (Christian Berzins, Oltner Tagblatt, 6.6.14):

Baroque music from Spain and Mexico was the imposing title of the concert.  However, one was not just offered extremely clever insights into the dance music of Spain, the music itself was danced, so much so that the wooden floor of the knight’s hall thundered.

Despite the historical aspect, despite all of the wonderful historical instruments and the deliberate playing, none of the music was presented as a mere intellectual exercise.  The percussionist Michael Metzler added a wonderful pulse to each piece and Steve Player, the baroque guitarist, danced, offering a dionysian character.

The most astonishing aspect of the evening was, despite all of the magical noise and revelry, the delicate sound of Hille Perls gamba always stood front and center."

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