“How much melancholy fits onto the tip of a finger?”


“How much melancholy fits onto the tip of a finger?” asks Anna Kardos in the opening of her Zürich Tages Anzeiger review of the concert “Fortune, Love, and Time,” performed by the Sirius Viols at the Tonhalle Zurich on June 21st.  

Her conclusion was overwhelmingly positive: “If it is the fingertip of Lee Santana, then that of the whole world, or at last of England. As soon as the lute player plucked the strings of his instrument, the atmosphere of the small concert hall felt as if it had been transfixed- drowned in a heavy beauty that slowed down both the pulse and breathing.  Together with fifty more fingertips (including the star gamaba player Hille Perl and the Sirius Viols) the music of John Dowland (1563-1626) swept through the hall with such an unagitated beauty that one felt as if one had been infected, upon breathing it in, with the melancholy virus.”

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